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 another survey. random. :)

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another survey. random. :) Empty
PostSubject: another survey. random. :)   another survey. random. :) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 21, 2008 4:05 pm

1. Name one person who always text
-- D kaau ko tig'gamit ug CP.

2. Do you think some people are born
-- Grbe nga mga survey. D man humanon ang question! xD

3. Name one negative thing about you?
-- I'm a Pessimist.

4. Status?
-- Single & Crushing. Razz

5. What were you doing 30 minutes
-- Survey. Smile

6. Sport you wanted to learn? -
-- Professional JETSKIING! LOL.

7. Ever tried gymnastics?
-- No. Don't want to. xD

8. What was the last thing you
-- Uhh. Wala. xD

9. Do you talk a lot?
-- Yeaa. Labi na sa CHAT! xD

10.Do you believe that love is
-- D jud.

11.Where is your brother? -
-- Naa dre. Tupad nko. HAHA.

12.How was your day yesterday? -
-- Super Duper GREEEEEEEEEAAAT! Smile

13. What is the last ice cream flavor
you had
-- Uhh, I dunno. Very Happy

15.People describe you as....
-- Generous daw. xD

16.contented in life?
-- D pa. Wala pako sa half sa akong life. xD

17.What was the last thing you
-- Wala lage. Samok ue. xD

18.Are you happy with the love of
your life?
-- Wala ko ing'ana ue!

19.do u skip meals?
-- Sometimes. Pag busog jud kaau. xD

20.Do you consider yourself as a
-- Nope. xD Kapui man na. O-o

21. have u ever been to japan?
-- I wish. xD

22.Reasons for living?
-- Uhh.. xD

23.Are you typically a jolly person?
-- Yeaa. Smile

24.Name one enemy of yours: -
-- Don't have any.

25.Name Three close girl friend:
-- Czarina Beia. Jocel Bridget. Katherine Aine. Smile

26.Who's the first person in your
-- aaaadaddy :]

27.What did the last text message
you received say?
-- I dunno. xD

28.Do you go to the mall
-- Yeaa. Naa naman gud pud mall dre sa Iligan. xD

29 .Song playing at the moment:
-- David Archuleta - A Little Too Not Over You. Naadik ko. xD

30.How do you cope with stress?
-- Pahulay.

31.Ever broken someone's heart?
-- Murag. Bot. xD

32. What makes you happy?
-- Singing & Chatting with... Smile

33. What is the last thing you said

34. How much is your money?
-- Uhh. Secreeeet. xD

35. Is someone bitter to you?
-- Huh?! I dunno. Razz
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another survey. random. :)
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