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 survey! :)

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survey! :) Empty
PostSubject: survey! :)   survey! :) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 21, 2008 3:55 pm

1.Nasubukan mo na bang magkagusto sa mas
matanda sayo?
-- Yeaa! Tiaw mo na? David Cook?! David Archuleta?! Unsa ba?! Hahaa.

2.When was the last time you ate
-- Ambut lang. xD Limot koo.

3.Gaano ka importante sayo ung
cellphone mo?
-- Importante kaau! Kabalo si "czarina". Dba? xD

4. What is your favorite song?
-- As of now? Uhh. "A Little Too Not Over You" by David Archuleta. Paminawa gne ninu. Very Happy

5. When was the last time you watched
in cinema?
-- Uhh. I forgot.

6.Are you conscious to your self?
-- Maybeee. xD

7.Naranasan mo na bang ma- insecure
sa iba?
-- Yeaa. Many times. XD

8. Naransan mo na bang pag-agawan?
-- Hahaa. Ambut lang kung Pinag-agawan ba to. xD

9. Who is the person whom you hated
-- I dunno. xD

10. What's the reason?
-- Wala gne ko kabalo. xD

11. What is your best asset?
-- Ambut. Hahaa.

12 .What is the color of your
-- My what?

13. Who is the last person you talked
on the phone?
-- I dunno.

14. Gano ka kadalas lumabas ng bahay
-- Uhh. Every school days. LOL.

15 . Are you close with your cousins?
-- Some of them. Smile

16. What is the name of your dog/s?
-- I don't have a dog.

18. Do you wear ring everyday?
-- [ where's 17?! ] I don't have a ring.

19. How about bracelets?
-- Noo.

20. Do you wear braces?
-- Retainers lang. LOL. xD


1. Are you happy?
-- Uhh, yeaaaa. Since last night. Smile

2. Who are you chatting with right
-- No one. Hahaa.

3. What's the last thing you
-- Uhh, I dunno. Actually, ako ra mama & papa nagpalit. Nag-uban2 lang ko. xD

4. Who were the last people you hung
out with?
-- Mader & Pader. Very Happy

5 . Have you ever broken a promise?
-- Uhh, Yeaa.

6. Have you ever fallen apart with a
-- Huh?! Bot lang! xD

7.What are you most excited about?
-- Tonight! xD

8 . What do you usually do when
you're bored?
-- Listen to music. Magkanta2. Makigchat ni Ken. xD

9. Who was the last person to text?

10 Who was the last person who gave
you a testimonial?
-- Uhh. Ambut. xD

11.Do you talk to yourself?
-- Yeaa. Mura ko ug BUANG jud. xD

12. What do you do when your heart
is broken?
-- Uhh. Ambut lang. Hahaa.

13. Are you a good friend?
-- Yeaa. Very Happy I dunno kung mao pud tan'aw sa akong mga friends sa ako. xP

14. What is your hobby?

15. Are you artistic?
-- Dli jud. Wala jud ko hanaw ana. xD

16. Do you wear contact lenses?
-- Noo. Sakit man na ue. xD

17. What is your favorite Ulam?

18.Have you no.
-- Ha?! Pagtarung ug question ue! xD

19. Who do you miss the most?

20. Will you ever admit to your crush
that you like him/her?
-- Uhh. Not planning to. xD
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survey! :)
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